It is a tender spring day, the Scotch Broom is out in full bloom, adding spice to the endless greens of this place.  Oakridge is an island in a sea of trees.  A valley in an ocean of mountains.  

My camera in my phone is distorting the color a little, so the painting in the photo and the video has a bit less red than "reality" , but it is close enough to share.  I think the camera sensors were thrown off a bit by the brilliant saturated yellows in the Scotch Broom.

Scotch Broom is an invasive plant, inroduced decades ago as ground cover next to highways and freeways.  Big mistake. It is a nuisance, but to a painter with "green fatigue". it is a welcome color in the landscape.

I am thinking series here.  Once the yellow blossoms are gone, I wont get an opportunity to use it in paintings until it blooms again next May.  So the idea that came this morning is to limit myself to one place, the Oakridge Industrial Park, and to paint the drama of the yellow invaders against the blue skies and forest.  We'll see if I am this enthusiastic tomorrow!

Here is today's video made during my one hour painting session on what I call "The Point".  Hope others will soon follow between now and June!