Blue skies today!!!!  Warm sunshine, coffee on the front porch and my first plein air session of 2018. It has been a long and dark winter, but spring is finally here. The leaves have popped out on the deciduous trees, adding spots of brilliant contrast in a sea of conifers. 

Since the land is being developed at my favorite walking place, I've dedicated the rest of this month of April to walking, sketching and just enjoying the disappearing natural habitat. Then when May arrives, my focus will shift to central Oregon adventures

Inspired by the sights and sounds, here is plein air number one -- a sketch that is far from literal!

Then, throwing caution to the winds I added even more paint to the sketch, creating a near black background, and more dramatic tones.  The result was the sketch pictured at the beginning of this blog post. It represents a brand new junction in the painting path.

Looking forward to an adventurous spring, summer and fall!!!!