It has taken a pandemic to bring me back to painting.  It would have been better if the catalyst had been more positive; but the isolation has intensified my creative urges to a degree that cannot be ignored.

A new seed of work is germinating:  working small, with gouache and with acrylics, working more abstractly.  It is exciting to be eager to work again!  My goal is to post to this blog at least once each week.  If you are reading this post, I hope you have rediscovered what matters most to you.  Perhaps you are an art and nature lover too. 

This painting is just 5x7 inches, my focus was on big shapes, and suggesting rather than being literal.  The subject is a day when my grandson and I walked to our local fish hatchery (closed for the last year due to pandemic.). I am eager to be able to see my favorite grandson and the hatchery again, perhaps in 2021! 

 Stop back and visit again soon!